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Dog Training Santa Rosa

Owning a dog involves a lot of commitment. Whether you have had dogs your whole life or have recently invited a new family member to your household, it is a great responsibility.

If you are reading this, it is probably safe to say that your dog or puppy is in need of behavioral skills in order to participate effectively in your lifestyle. Dog training and puppy training are an essential part of owning a dog and supports the owner and dog’s ability to thrive. Having professional help from a dog trainer builds confidence, provides mental stimulation and strengthens the human-animal bond… No wonder why it is so important! 

Now here comes the work and commitment… Finding a dog training method that is right for you and your pup can be stressful. As you already know, there are an overwhelming number of methods, theories and “how to” guides about which training style is the best. At Dog Training in Santa Rosa, the most important factor is finding what will work for YOU and YOUR dog.

Our dog trainers know that training, much like learning any new skill is different for everyone, dogs and humans alike. Which is why at Santa Rosa Dog Training,  individualize our training methods based on your lifestyle and your dog’s temperament. We are certain that whatever behaviors you wish to see more or less of, we will make it happen.

It is really that simple… Dog Training in Santa Rosa aims to help you not only find but implement the right training plan to reach your goals with your dog or puppy. 

At Dog Training in Santa Rosa we give YOU the tools to work with your dog to in order to be self-sufficient.  Ultimately, we hope that you will only need our services for a short time. We do this in three steps:

  1. Establish what motivates your dog
  2. Cultivate a strong training foundation. 
  3. Work together to select a training method that fits best.

With a training plan and firm awarness of what motivates your dog or puppy, we can start working on teaching new skills and extinguishing unwanted behaviors. The end result is a well trained dog and  lasting bond between you and your pup.

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"Dog Training in Santa Rosa worked for me and my dog, Chowder. Chowder actually listen to my commands now...I am amazed! I am so grateful for how much my dog and I learned and how much we have bonded because of the skills we learned together!"
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Veronica H.
Dog Training in Santa Rosa Client
"I was really nervous, but also very excited to have a new puppy! I learned pretty quickly that I needed help training her, so I called Dog Training in Santa Rosa. I am beyond impressed with the results that keep on giving from what Macy and I learned. Not only does she listen to my commands, but she also get along so well with other dogs!"
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Ellie B.
Dog Training in Santa Rosa Client
"WOW, that is all I can say! I never thought I would get George to stop barking every time the doorbell rang, or playing too aggressively at the dog park (it was embarrsing), but I was wrong! Dog Training in Santa Rosa exceeded my and George's expectations."
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Thomas T.
Dog Training in Santa Rosa Client